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Stacey Reginald Ball – Top Employment Lawyer Toronto

​Stacey Reginald Ball is a nationally known and consulted practitioner in the area of Canadian employment law and labour law. He specializes in wrongful dismissals, and has offices in Toronto, Ontario. He is considered to be one of Canada’s best and leading lawyers in the fields of employment law and wrongful dismissal. Mr. Ball is the author of the leading treatise Canadian Employment Law. Mr. Ball has been winning counsel in many of Canada’s leading employment law cases at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Mr. Ball is a former employment law professor at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Faculty of Law at Western.

Labour Lawyers in Toronto

He is a former employment law professor at both Osgoode Hall Law School and the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law. ​Ball Professional Legal Corporation’s​ practice includes wrongful dismissal, unjust dismissal, human rights, workers’ compensation, post employment competition, restraint of trade, fiduciary obligations, labour law, sexual harassment, employment contracts and various related areas of litigation.


Types of Cases – Employment Lawyers Toronto

Reasonable Notice

In Ontario, most employees can be terminated “without cause”. This means that for some reason or another, your employer has decided to let you go. When this happens, your employee has to provide you with the appropriate amount of “notice” or “pay in lieu of notice.” For example, you could receive 4 weeks of “notice” or 4 weeks of “pay in lieu of notice”, so you don’t actually need to keep coming into work for those 4 weeks. The amount depends on many factors, and it’s important because it will also affect any “severance” that you may receive.

Everyone is entitled to the minimum notice provided by the Employment Standards Act. Knowing this, employers often try to limit the amount of reasonable notice to this minimum, so they do not need to provide the common law notice period, which can be much higher. You may be entitled to more than you are told, and we at Ball Professional Corporation can help you tell. Contact us if you are signing an employment agreement, where we can review any termination clause, or if you have been recently terminated and want to make sure you are being properly compensated.

Just Cause for Dismissal

It is a serious situation if your employer has fired you for “just cause”. When an employer terminates an employee for “just cause”, they are claiming they have a legitimate reason to terminate them. Basically, they need to show some proof of “gross misconduct”. This is a big deal, because an employee who is legitimately fired for “just cause” is not entitled to any termination or severance pay. Common behaviors that might count as gross misconduct include theft, fraud and violence.

If you disagree with your employer’s reasons and think you are being treated unfairly, contact the professionals at Ball Professional Corporation. We can help you to challenge the termination if your work behavior did not warrant being terminated for “just cause”, the capital punishment of employment law.

Termination Clauses

Employers often try to include termination clauses in your employment agreement. If a termination clause is enforceable, it will limit the amount of “reasonable notice” that you receive if you are terminated. Many employees accept these termination clauses at face value, which comes back to bite them if they are ever fired. Look out for your best interests and consult with Ball Professional Corporation before you make the same mistake!

If a termination clause is not enforceable, you may be entitled to the notice period that is calculated according to the common law. This amount is usually much higher. Whether you are signing a new contract and you want advice on the enforceability of a termination clause, or you have been terminated and you want help fighting the termination clause after the fact, we are here to help.

Sexual Harassment

Everyone deserves a workplace free of harassment, including sexual harassment. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is still extremely common in the workplace. Sexual harassment can range from verbal comments to touching to sexual assault. If you have experienced any form of sexual harassment, you should speak to us about your options. Employers are supposed to develop policies to protect workers against sexual harassment, but oftentimes the policies are either not strong enough or they are ignored completely.

If you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, contact Ball Professional Corporation for assistance. We can help you file a Human Rights Complaint or pursue a civil lawsuit for a tort like assault or constructive dismissal. You have options and we can help you choose the best one that compensates you for the harassment you suffered and that lets you move forward in your job and in your life.  

Unjust Dismissal

Unjust dismissal is a special remedy from the Canada Labour Code that may be available if you are both a (a) federally regulated and (b) non-unionized employee who has been improperly terminated. Common industries include airlines, banks and railways. The point is to protect you from arbitrary dismissal. Your employer either has to have a valid reason to terminate you or there must be a discontinuance of the job function.

Unjust dismissal is a powerful remedy that is not available in every situation. If you believe your employer has terminated you without good reason, don’t delay and contact Ball Professional Corporation. Our experts can advise you on whether you should proceed with adjudication under the Canada Labour Code or you should begin a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

Non-Competition / Non-Solicitation

If you are signing an employment contract, you may find that it contains a Non-Competition or Non –Solicitation clause. An employer may even want you to sign a separate Non-Competition or Non-Solicitation Agreement. This is quite common, but that doesn’t mean you should take it lightly! Non-Competition clauses or agreements prevent employees from working with an employer’s competitor for a specific period of time. In other words, it may prevent you from finding work after you have moved on. This can be a real problem that causes lots of stress, especially if you work in a specialized field with few job opportunities that are physically close to you.

Non-Solicitation clauses or agreements are similar, but they try to prevent departing employees from poaching former customers, clients, suppliers or coworkers. These types of agreements are legal if they are “reasonable”. To decide whether an agreement is reasonable, courts will consider the length of the restriction, the geographic scope and whether the restriction was even clear. Contact Ball Professional Corporation for advice if you are being asked to sign a non-competition or non-solicitation agreement. It could have a big impact on your future career prospects, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Wrongful Dismissal

Have you been recently terminated from your job? This happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives, but that does not make it any less stressful or frustrating. It is important to contact a legal professional who can tell you whether the termination was legal or if it a case of wrongful dismissal. Wrongful dismissal can take many different forms. For example:

  • If your employer terminated you without cause, and they are refusing to give you reasonable notice.
  • If your employer is claiming there is just cause to fire you, but you disagree with their reasons.
  • If your employer has changed some part of your job, so that you’re not even doing the work you agreed to do (see Constructive Dismissal).

Being fired is always difficult. Trust the experts at Ball Professional Corporation to protect your rights and help yourself move on to new and better opportunities.

Constructive Dismissal

If your employer has significantly changed the terms or conditions of your job, you may have experienced a constructive dismissal. Examples of changes include change to your compensation, your title, your job duties, your office location or the hours that you work. By changing some aspect of your job, the employer has essentially terminated you.

Constructive dismissal is like a type of wrongful dismissal. You may be eligible for damages if this happened to you, or we can help to negotiate an exit package that fairly reflects your situation. Don’t delay in contacting Contact Ball Professional Corporation to help determine whether you have been constructively dismissed.


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Mr. Ball is Author of a Leading Treatise in the Area Canadian Employment and Labour Law

Published by Canada Law Book, he is routinely contacted by lawyers, employers and employees across Canada for advice in the area of employment and labour law. His work has often been favourably quoted and cited by superior courts in every province and the Supreme Court of Canada. Stacey Ball has extensive experience in the areas of wrongful dismissal, human rights, restraint of trade and post employment competition, sexual harassment, fiduciary responsibilities, defamation, workers’ compensation, employment contracts, injunctions, and appellate advocacy.

Mr. Ball has appeared before courts and tribunals including Supreme Court of Canada on employment law issues. In these cases, he has successfully dealt with issues concerning human rights (including sexual harassment), employment standards, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and labour relations.

Learn about Mr. Ball’s professional recognition and hear what his clients have to say!

Canadian Employment Law

Mr. Ball is author of the authoritative and definitive text Canadian Employment Law - published by Canada Law Book (a division of Thomson Reuters). The text is used and cited by lawyers, law schools and judges across Canada.

To order Mr. Ball's Canadian Employment Law please visit the Carswell Store by clicking here or on the button below.


A significant part of our practice is dedicated to meeting with clients to determine rights and remedies that they may have in the employment law context. We endeavour to meet you in a timely and prompt manner to assist you with your concerns. A consultation may be useful in a number of instances:

1. Has the Employer offered you a sufficient termination package? Given our expertise we can tell you accurately and in a forthright manner whether the package being offered is fair. Entire sections of Stacey Reginald Ball‘s text Canadian Employment Law deal with indicia and criteria the Court uses to assess reasonable notice at common law.

2. Is there just cause for dismissal? Our firm can tell you accurately if the employer had sufficient reason to terminate you without proper notice or severance. Was there sufficient insubordination or insolence to justify cause for dismissal? Did the employee receive sufficient and adequate warnings? Was there a conflict great enough to warrant dismissal? Was the employee’s absenteeism sufficient to warrant
summary dismissal? Was the employee allowed to make plans to compete as opposed to actively competing while working for the employer?

3. Whether there was cause for summary dismissal is nuanced, and the Court requires a contextual approach. We can advise you accurately of the factors that the Court has considered in the past in determining whether or not there was sufficient cause to warrant summary dismissal.

4. What steps can you and should you take before leaving your employer? How much notice are you required in law to give to the employer? Are you allowed to take steps to compete? What documents belong to the employer and what documents made in the workplace belong to you?

5. Is the restrictive covenant and non-competition agreement you signed enforceable? Are you a fiduciary and hence have limitations in what you can do in post-employment competition? Has your former employer threatened you with legal proceedings or an injunction for post-employment competition or activities?

6. Has your employer changed your job, job functions, duties, pay or title? Has the employer engaged in unfair and abusive conduct against you making the workplace intolerable? Are you being micro
managed? Are you receiving false and unfair criticism? If so, you may be being constructively
dismissed. Ball Professional Corporation routinely negotiates and if necessary prosecutes constructive dismissal claims.

7. Do you wish to leave employment because of the employer’s conduct (misconduct), changes in the employment relationship or the creation of intolerable conditions? If so, we may able to assist in negotiating a separation package.

8. Are you facing workplace harassment, sexual harassment or being discriminated against contrary to human rights legislation and occupational health and safety workplace harassment legislation?

9. Is your Union representing you fairly and properly pursuant to their obligation of fair representation under labour legislation?

10. Are you a federal jurisdiction employee (e.g. Bank, Railway, Airline, Broadcasting, Telecom, etc.), hence entitled to re-instatement with back pay under the Canada Labour Code?

11. Do you anticipate problems with the employer? If so, we can advise on steps and counter measures you can take in order to either preserve your job or obtain a fair resolution?

Meet Our Team

Stacey Reginald Ball Endowment and Academic Prize

To promote academic excellence for future generations of Canadian law students studying employment law, Mr. Ball has funded an endowment. The endowment funds a permanent annual scholarship to encourage research and development in Canadian employment law.


Google Reviews

Steven Wang
Steven Wang
19:58 18 Mar 19
Stacey was the third lawyer that I had hired to represent me, after the previous two didn't achieve anything for me. Stacey is very different. He is not only the author of Canadian Employment Law with profound knowledge and experience, he is also the most efficient one, direct to the point. He is the toughest one, well known by HR people, and he takes care of his client all by himself. There is no junior lawyers under him. That's the big difference comparing with other big employment law firms on Google, where I could only meet with a young lawyer with little experience. After he spoke with me for 45 minutes, he found the best way to break through. He didn't need to ask for a lot of document and he didn't bill hours to review them. His fee structure is aligned with his client's best interest. My problem was solved very quickly with a great result, and I only have to meet with him twice and exchange some emails. He's not just a tough fighter and negotiator, he got great strategy to make a deal. He answered my emails during the holidays. He comes in the office very early, and we had a conference call at 7am in the morning when we need to make a quick decision. To me, he is the best employment lawyer, a patient teacher and a friend. I strongly recommend him to those who need help.
Aiden Nix
Aiden Nix
01:13 06 Apr 19
Stacey was super helpful and increased my settlement a significant amount. He is very busy so you have to chase him down a bit but that is minor issue compared to all of the positives. Overall if you need a good labour lawyer then talk to him right away. He is THE lawyer to go to in Ontario!Thanks Stacey!
Sergei R
Sergei R
05:01 06 Dec 18
My experience with Stacey R. Ball was very positive. His fees are reasonable and value I received for the money was outstanding. Luckily, after his advice my situation was resolved almost amicably. You will not believe how reasonable some people can become after they start suspecting you have a good lawyer. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you suspect you might need a lawyer in the future because of some developing situation at work, I highly recommend you wait no more and talk to Stacey.
Danny T
Danny T
18:34 26 Feb 19
Stacey has recently represented me. He’s patient, but to the point which I can appreciate. No fluff. He worked quickly and even responded during his holidays. Definitely highly recommended.
Alexa Arsenault
Alexa Arsenault
19:36 01 Nov 18
If I could give Stacey Ball 30 stars I would! Stacey was right on the “ball” when it came to my legal matter. I called his office and his efficient staff scheduled me for an appointment the next day. He’s a great listener and comes to the point quickly, confidently, and succinctly. He explained best and worst case scenarios and dealt with my matter without delay. He was successful in concluding my legal matter to my satisfaction and met all my expectations. I highly recommend Stacey for all your legal matters.Alexa
Alex McMillan
Alex McMillan
18:05 21 Apr 19
Mr Ball represented me in a wrongful dismissal case. It was quite evident from my initial consultation until the conclusion of my settlement. Mr. Ball mirrored professionalism, empathy and above all confidence. Mr Ball reviewed my case and informed me what I was entitled to and what to expect at time of settlement. I was represented diligently right up to the conclusion of my settlement. He was able to negotiate an amount that was above my expectations. I would highly recommend Mr. Ball to anyone in need of assistance in any type of employment situations. In conclusion that one of the main things that impressed me most was that he at all times puts his clients FIRST.
Daphne Rodrigues
Daphne Rodrigues
23:54 22 May 19
Stacey was my second lawyer I retained after my original lawyer felt that he would be better suited to deal with my difficult employment matter. Stacey was very direct, efficient and respectful of my time. He was tenacious in negotiations and challenged/invalidated all points the other lawyer argued. I would not have achieved my outcome without Stacey. Thank you!Daphne Scott
Kate Miller
Kate Miller
15:35 23 May 19
Stacey gave me good advice on my first consult. Super professional and competent. If I ever need employment lawyer again I would definitely come back to Stacey!
francesca V
francesca V
08:33 24 Jun 19
Stacey not only provided expert legal guidance on my workplace harassment case, but was also extremely supportive during this difficult process. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone facing a similar situation. Thank you Stacey.
Charlie Russo
Charlie Russo
03:03 01 Jul 19
Stacey Ball was very helpful with my employment situation, from start to finish. He answered all my questions and concerns dealing with my settlement promptly and easily explained everything. Thank you. 5 stars.
Nurissa Kanji
Nurissa Kanji
09:47 22 Jul 19
I want to thank Stacey Ball and the staff at Ball Professional Corporation. Mr.Ball's professionalism, friendliness and empathy were evident at our first meeting. We would not hesitate to recommend Stacey Ball and his team for their expertise in employment law.
dave buckley
dave buckley
03:27 31 Jul 19
Stacey Ball was a huge help for me from start to finish in a contract negotiation, and was able to very quickly identify issues and advise me on next steps. He was understanding of my situation and provided specific advice on a broad range of clauses in my contract. I would 100% consult with him again based on my experience.
Jhonattan V
Jhonattan V
04:31 02 Aug 19
After ending employment with my employer of 9 years due to actions that I felt were steps of constructive dismissal, I contacted Mr Ball to determine my employment rights. Through the whole process from beginning until conclusion, I found Stacey to be very professional and knowledgeable and would recommend him and his team as your representatives for employment law matters.
Cole Carr
Cole Carr
03:04 04 Aug 19
I met with Stacey Ball this morning for a consultation. He was incredibly generous with his advice and support in a consultation I needed. I highly recommend contacting him, even if you are unsure you will require his services - he will help you evaluate the situation and whether you need his services.
Katy M. Smith
Katy M. Smith
01:18 05 Aug 19
I recommend Stacey Ball without hesitation. I was wrongfully dismissed and Stacey worked efficiently and communicated regularly to get a great settlement. He helped make a bad situation better – you want a lawyer like Stacey on your side!
Nurissa Kanji
Nurissa Kanji
09:47 22 Jul 19
I want to thank Stacey Ball and the staff at Ball Professional Corporation. Mr.Ball's professionalism, friendliness and empathy were evident at our first meeting. We would not hesitate to recommend Stacey Ball and his team for their expertise in employment law.
Sheeba Bonning
Sheeba Bonning
15:47 28 Oct 19
I would highly recommend Stacey Ball any time! Stacey accurately pinpointed the challenges of our situation and gave solid advice right from the beginning. When things got confusing for me, he took the time to explain them in lay terms so I could make informed decisions. A big thank you to Stacey ball and his team for helping me with a stressful situation and for always being there to smooth things over. We were even able to have a laugh or two and he definitely brings a human touch to legal matters which can be super uncomfortable for "regular" people that don't deal with legalese every day!
Jacqueline O'Flanagan
Jacqueline O'Flanagan
19:57 29 Oct 19
I would strongly recommend Stacey and his services for any employment related legal issues. His academic and professional experience provide a unique approach to strategizing over a case with his clients best interest in mind, and builds the case based on facts. He is an advocate for employees who have been wronged and his work with the supreme court demonstrates his commitment to changing the system for the better.
Lionel K
Lionel K
20:40 30 Oct 19
A few months ago, I was blindsided by my three partners who had decided to buy me out, at a fraction of the original investment contribution that I made when I joined the company. I decided to hire Stacey after interviewing him at his office. I knew then and there that he would make put my former partners in their place. Thank fully, I was right and Stacey took care of the matter in mediation, getting me 100% of what I was entitled to. The man is a legend in employment law and has the credentials to prove it, after all, he wrote the book on employment law! Thank you Stacey, appreciate all you've done. Best, LK.
Christine L
Christine L
02:11 15 Nov 19
I had spoken with three lawyers before I met with Stacey Ball. What I liked about our meeting was that Mr. Ball provided answers to my questions and made me feel that he had my best interests in mind. I was informed of a settlement amount I would be entitled to receive and he worked at getting it. You will get a chance to get some sleep knowing that your case will be resolved promptly and that your rights are being looked after. You will find his fees are competitive but fair as he evaluates each situation separately. If you want to know what you rights are, want results, without wasting time, look no further. My case was handled efficiently and I would recommend his services to anyone that asks. A big thank you Stacey Ball for your services.
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