What Makes a Great Law Firm Website in 2021?

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If there’s one thing that doesn’t stay still, it’s technology. Ever wondered what makes a great law firm website in 2021? With new trends coming in every year, it’s not surprising that many site owners are looking at ways to remain ahead of their competition. We asked the team at dNovo Group to break down some of the noteworthy features of a high-performing law firm website. This article will look at these key features that will help your law firm website dominate in 2021 and beyond.

Quick loading pages

Did you know that 50% of your website visitors will leave the page if it’s not fully loaded within 10 seconds? In fact, patience is less among desktop users who abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Some commonly known culprits of slow loading pages are heavy images and videos on the site or unnecessary elements like flash players. Use a page speed tool to always keep track of your loading times and take steps to optimize your site speed.

Easy to read and navigate

One rule of thumb for any website, not just legal ones, is to ensure that every visitor can read and navigate – this creates a positive image for your brand. Simple things like making sure your contrast text and background have high contrast, carefully selecting your font size, type & weight and making good use of whitespace can enhance the page’s readability.

Interactivity features

Does your law firm website keep users engaged? Law firms haven’t invested in interactive website features, unlike other professional industries like real estate industries, banks and insurance firms. Your website should allow users to carry out an action of some sort. It could be as simple as booking an appointment with one of the partners online or an interactive piece of content that provides unique information to every user. Interactive content on your law firm website will result in a longer time spent on the page and reduce the bounce rate compared to static content. In fact, research has shown that sites with interactive content get higher conversions than those with passive content.

Minimalist look

Invest in a law firm website with a simplistic look. A clean, minimalist design is especially important for websites that are content-heavy. Make use of whitespace and a flat design that allows users to scroll through your content without feeling distracted. In fact, the minimalistic web design has become a trend for law firm websites, which has made many users expect this when they land on different law firm pages. If your website was done more than 3 years back, consider hiring the experts at dNovo for a redesign project to revamp its look and improve functionality.

Mobile First

The first rule of thumb in making your website search-worthy is investing in a mobile-first design. Your site’s pages should adjust to remain just as interactive when accessing them with a mobile device. Google has a mobile friendly test that allows you to check how mobile-first your web pages are.

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