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Mr. Ball is considered one of Canada’s very best and top lawyers in the areas of employment law and wrongful dismissal. He has been counsel in several of Canada’s most important employment law cases at all level of courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada. He is author of the leading textbook in the field.

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Ms. Carty has worked with Mr. Ball and Ball Professional Corporation since 2002. Prior to working at Ball Professional Corporation she worked as a law clerk at a major litigation firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba for 12 years.

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Author of a Leading Treatise in the Area Canadian Employment Law

As Mr. Ball is author of a leading treatise in the area Canadian Employment Law, published by Canada Law Book, he is routinely contacted by lawyers, employers and employees across Canada for advice in the area of employment and labour law. His work has often been favourably quoted and cited by superior courts in every province and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our History

Stacey Ball has extensive experience in the areas of wrongful dismissal, human rights, restraint of trade and post employment competition, sexual harassment, fiduciary responsibilities, defamation, workers' compensation, employment contracts, injunctions, and appellate advocacy.

While Mr. Ball attempts to settle or mediate employment cases whenever possible, this is not always possible. Litigation is often necessary. As a litigator Mr. Ball has successfully argued many of the leading employment law cases in Canada. Mr. Ball has argued at all levels of court in Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada, where he has had the Federal, Ontario and Manitoba Courts of Appeal reversed. See: “Wilson v. AECL 2016 SCC 29 reversing 2015 FCA 17; Wallace v. U.G.G. (1997), 152 D.L.R. (4th) 1 (S.C.C.), reversing (1995), 102 Man. R. (3d) (161 (Man. C.A.); and Machtinger v. HOJ Industries (1992), 91 D.L.R. (4th) (S.C.C.) reversing (1989), 55 D.L.R. (4th) 401 (Ont. C.A.).

Mr. Ball has appeared before tribunals and agencies relevant to employment law. In these cases, he has successfully dealt with issues concerning human rights (including sexual harassment), employment standards, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, and labour relations.

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Mr. Ball is called to the bars of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.​

​Core Values and Commitment to You

We are aware as to how important your employment case is to you. Stacey Reginald Ball and Ball Professional Corporation are committed to professional excellence. This means not merely publishing the leading textbook and winning leading Canadian cases, but assisting all clients in pursuing their legal rights and remedies to obtain the best practical solution.

We are committed to giving you expert legal advice, and to advance your interests in a manner which is consistent with the law. The reputation of the firm is based upon obtaining results for clients for almost 30 years. Our mission is to apply the knowledge and skills we have obtained through decades of practice and publishing to obtain the best possible result for your case.

We are very aware that employment law cases are of primary and high level importance to our clients. It is for this reason we advocate for our clients with high level skill and compassion. Without this high level of skill and compassion we could not have obtained the extraordinary and unsurpassed success we have achieved in the profession and for our clients.



Google Reviews

Steven Wang
Steven Wang
19:58 18 Mar 19
Stacey was the third lawyer that I had hired to represent me, after the previous two didn't achieve anything for me. Stacey is very different. He is not only the author of Canadian Employment Law with profound knowledge and experience, he is also the most efficient one, direct to the point. He is the toughest one, well known by HR people, and he takes care of his client all by himself. There is no junior lawyers under him. That's the big difference comparing with other big employment law firms on Google, where I could only meet with a young lawyer with little experience. After he spoke with me for 45 minutes, he found the best way to break through. He didn't need to ask for a lot of document and he didn't bill hours to review them. His fee structure is aligned with his client's best interest. My problem was solved very quickly with a great result, and I only have to meet with him twice and exchange some emails. He's not just a tough fighter and negotiator, he got great strategy to make a deal. He answered my emails during the holidays. He comes in the office very early, and we had a conference call at 7am in the morning when we need to make a quick decision. To me, he is the best employment lawyer, a patient teacher and a friend. I strongly recommend him to those who need help.
Aiden Nix
Aiden Nix
01:13 06 Apr 19
Stacey was super helpful and increased my settlement a significant amount. He is very busy so you have to chase him down a bit but that is minor issue compared to all of the positives. Overall if you need a good labour lawyer then talk to him right away. He is THE lawyer to go to in Ontario!Thanks Stacey!
Sergei R
Sergei R
05:01 06 Dec 18
My experience with Stacey R. Ball was very positive. His fees are reasonable and value I received for the money was outstanding. Luckily, after his advice my situation was resolved almost amicably. You will not believe how reasonable some people can become after they start suspecting you have a good lawyer. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you suspect you might need a lawyer in the future because of some developing situation at work, I highly recommend you wait no more and talk to Stacey.
Danny T
Danny T
18:34 26 Feb 19
Stacey has recently represented me. He’s patient, but to the point which I can appreciate. No fluff. He worked quickly and even responded during his holidays. Definitely highly recommended.
Alexa Arsenault
Alexa Arsenault
19:36 01 Nov 18
If I could give Stacey Ball 30 stars I would! Stacey was right on the “ball” when it came to my legal matter. I called his office and his efficient staff scheduled me for an appointment the next day. He’s a great listener and comes to the point quickly, confidently, and succinctly. He explained best and worst case scenarios and dealt with my matter without delay. He was successful in concluding my legal matter to my satisfaction and met all my expectations. I highly recommend Stacey for all your legal matters.Alexa
Alex McMillan
Alex McMillan
18:05 21 Apr 19
Mr Ball represented me in a wrongful dismissal case. It was quite evident from my initial consultation until the conclusion of my settlement. Mr. Ball mirrored professionalism, empathy and above all confidence. Mr Ball reviewed my case and informed me what I was entitled to and what to expect at time of settlement. I was represented diligently right up to the conclusion of my settlement. He was able to negotiate an amount that was above my expectations. I would highly recommend Mr. Ball to anyone in need of assistance in any type of employment situations. In conclusion that one of the main things that impressed me most was that he at all times puts his clients FIRST.
Daphne Rodrigues
Daphne Rodrigues
23:54 22 May 19
Stacey was my second lawyer I retained after my original lawyer felt that he would be better suited to deal with my difficult employment matter. Stacey was very direct, efficient and respectful of my time. He was tenacious in negotiations and challenged/invalidated all points the other lawyer argued. I would not have achieved my outcome without Stacey. Thank you!Daphne Scott
Kate Miller
Kate Miller
15:35 23 May 19
Stacey gave me good advice on my first consult. Super professional and competent. If I ever need employment lawyer again I would definitely come back to Stacey!
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